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Products :  Chains

In Katiak SA, we specialize in the manufacture of chains offering a wide range of designs and models.  The high quality of our products can be appreciated by the impressive list of American and European clients who place their trust in us.  Our products are divided into the following categories:

  • Commercial chains.
  • DIN 763 - DIN 764 - DIN 765 Chains.
  • Oval link chains.
  • Chains for cattle, boxes, bags, drums.
  • Stainless steel chains.
  • Chains for the fishing industry.
  • Boating chains.
  • Decorative chains.
  • Cattle chains.
  • G-80 chains.
  • G-80 accesories.
  • G-100 chains.
  • G-100 accesories.
  • Chains Slings :
    G-80 and G-100.
  • Hoists and chains for hoists.


DIN chains

PDF information: - Commercial chain DIN 764 chain DIN 766 chain DIN 763 Chain Oval link chain.

Coil Chains

PDF Information: - Coil Chains Stand for reels

Commercial Chains in Boxes

PDF information: - Box stand Chains in Boxes

Stainless Steel Chains

PDF information: - DIN 5685 Chain DIN 766 Chain

Fishing and Boating chains

PDF information: - High Strength Fishing Chains EN 24 565 Chains

Decorative Chains

PDF information: Cathedral Classic Square Parallelogram Double link Red and White chain

Shaped Chains

PDF information: - Halter chains Cattle chains Shackle chains Goat Chains Zinc Cart Slings - Special fittings

Links, Deadbolts and Swivel Fittings

PDF Information: - Round Links Deadbolts Swivel fittings Flat End links

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