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After-Sales and Inspection Department

In Katiak we are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality and which will outlast any other brand.  To achieve this we have specialised staff, trained in Germany,who inspect the chain lifting hardware.

We adhere to the chain sling normative (EN 818-6), which states that “a qualified technician should carry out an in-depth inspection of the hardware at least every 12 months.  Where necessary, these visits should be sooner, depending on the working conditions of the equipment. ” 

Should 12 months pass before an inspection is carried out, and an accident occurs with the loads, the operator of the lifting equipment will be held fully responsible for the incident and its consequences.

We strongly believe in the importance of these regular checks and so with this in mind we notify our clients 11 months after the previous safety inspection

We are able to either carry out the inspection on Katiak premises or should it be necessary we can go to the client and do an on-site inspection.

"At Katiak we offer our clients a full service and total peace of mind".

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