Manufacture of chains and accessories

Katiak’s highly qualified workforce is young and dynamic

A team organized in such a way to ensure the company’s continual improvement, and guarantee its competitive edge in the sector.

  • We are actively committed to driving the company forward and providing an optimum quality of service.
  • Given the current climate of promoting sustainable development and environmental protection, here in Katiak, none of our zinc coated products contain chrome 6.




Grado 80

Grade 80

Grado 100

Grade 100


Hand Hoists

Puntos de Amarre

Lifting Points


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Benefits of cycling for the environment

The bicycle does not generate atmospheric pollution. It is sustainable, clean and ecological, which contributes to environmental improvement in urban centers, reducing emissions and therefore benefits people’s health. The use of the bicycle is more and more widespread and has spectacular benefits in the physical well-being of people, and therefore for the sustainability of the…

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